As a bar owner in the intergalactic space your job is to serve various types of aliens their typical type of drink. You can detect the drink they wish to have from the main color of their appearance. If you don't have the drink they wish to have, your reputation will decrease which is not a good thing.

(Will be released on Google Play and removed from here when finished, almost works on mobile browser right now, try if you want)


  • You get customers to come your bar by clicking them
  • Holding down one of the three(3) buttons on the bottom of the screen will make you more drinks
  • Your drink capacity is on top of the screen
  • In order to make drinks you need power that you can get by pressing and holding down the generator next to the building on right

WIP (work in progress) notes:

  • Two buttons on the top won't do anything yet
  • You can't use money for anything
  • Reputation doesn't matter

Development log